About Perdition Pines

Perdition Pines Haunted Event is a Haunted Trail/House style attraction providing the ultimate horror experience. This is a non-profit organization where all funds made during hours of business go directly back into the haunt itself to make every guests experience terrifyingly better than the last. 

Perdition Pines Haunted Event got its start from being a Halloween party for friends and family. Eventually growing into what is known today as a horrifying haunted experience. With two major haunted attractions "Forest of Carnage" and "Deadwood Grove" its hard not to scream... even though your screams won't save you. 

Once guests purchase tickets they can enjoy a warm fire with refreshing concessions like Hot Apple Cider or a sweet treat like Bloody Glass Cupcakes or check out our merchandise!! While guests wait for their group numbers to be called up to experience each attraction. VIP guests can enter early with easy entry. 


Parking is 100% FREE. You will pull up a driveway and veer off to your right into a field, which is where you will park your veicle. Guests will have to make a short hike through the woods to get to our main event and attractions. We look forward to seeing you! YOUR SOUL IS REQUESTED.

Forest of carnage



A folklore legend haunts these twisted pathes of darkness. Demonic Wolves, a Coven of Witches, a Deceased Grandma, deranged butchers and possessed children will meet you here! Explore your darkest fears in folklore while you're still breathing, because some of our residents won't be to thrilled with your visit this fall.

Deadwood Grove



The darkness has never looked this good! Come face to face with your deepest and darkest phobias all while managing to escape this pitch black maze, cursed by an Egyptian Pharaoh. 

FROM SOUTH - Using HWY 29 take exit 195 Wittenberg/Antigo. Drive North towards Antigo for approximately 18 miles on US-45. Turn right onto US-47 for 1.5 miles. Turn left onto County Rd D and drive 1.3 miles. Look for our white Haunt sign on your right side. (25 Minutes)

FROM NORTH - Using US-45 from Downtown Antigo head south out of town for 3.7 miles. Turn left onto County Rd D for 1.5 miles. Turn right to stay on County Rd D for 0.7 miles. Look for our white Haunt sign on your left side, directly after Schroeder Brothers Farm Inc. (10 Minutes)

Perdition Pines Haunted Event

N1385 County Road D

Antigo WI, 54409

Call Us: 715-610-1763

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N1385 County Road D, Antigo, WI 54409

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