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Disenchanted Freakshow Forest

A Summer Nightmare Horror Encore Event!

June 21st, 22nd & 23rd, 2024

9:00pm to 1:00am | 12:00am Sunday

COME ONE, COME ALL! The Fae (Faerie Court) have returned once again! Overtaking the dark and twisted forest that is Perdition Pines Haunted Event with an out of this world Freakshow! Do not be deceived by their magical likes. The Slasher Freakshow is not a group you’ll want to run into. They are cold blooded killers hungry for fresh meat... YOU. As you make your way through the show you might find you and your friends inside of a Mushroom circle, or perhaps you'll take a devilish, good-looking treat from a sketchy looking creature in the woods! So grab your lantern and Blacklight Flashlight and make your way through these twisted woods or be faced to join this Freakshow for eternity... They're WAITING FOR YOU.

Disenchanted Freakshow Forest.jpg



Admits ONE into Haunted Attraction & One Lemonade Cup.

VIP GOLD - $20.00

Admits ONE into Haunted Attraction. Express Entry, unlimited drinks, one treat and one digital photo.


Admits ONE into Haunted Attraction. Priority Entry, unlimited drinks, one meal, unlimited Axe Throwing, Printed Group Photo, BONUS HAUNT EXPERIENCE.

Enchant Your Experience

Use a Blacklight Flashlight to defend yourself and your group from The Fae! Simply shine your light directly at them and they will temporarily be afraid, but they will get even more hostile with you! Groups with this experience can utilize the blacklight to their advantage to find our hidden message and unscramble a mystery word to unlock a prize at our ticket booth. 

VALID ID IS REQUIRED TO RENT A BLACKLIGHT FLASHLIGHT. ONE ID PER LIGHT. You will leave ID with our ticket booth during your visit with rented equipment and will receive your ID back when you finish your experience and return it. Groups can rent as many as 4 lights; ONLY WHILE SUPPLIES ARE AVAILABLE.

Souvenir Photo

Get your photo taken with our Freakshow Photo Station! Guests will be asked to provide a valid email where the digital photo will be sent for download. 

$4.00 Digital Photo
$8.00 Printed Photo


Think you can find the golden treasure? While you're screaming your life away, keep your eyes open for the golden egg! One Golden Egg will be hidden each night in our dark woods. If you're lucky to find it, you'll be awarded with 2024 VIP Platinum Season Tickets for you & friends!

Black Background Final.png

$5.00 - Five Throws

$8.00 - Ten Throws

*Included with the VIP Platinum ticket experience. Enjoy unlimited access to Axe Throwing. Guests with this option will have to rotate with other guests waiting in line.

FOR THE SAFTEY OF OUR GUESTS, ACTORS AND VOLUNTEERS; this event may be cancelled due to inclement weather, including extreme thunderstorms. Notice will be given day of event if so, and will NOT be rescheduled. Please check our Facebook and Website for the most current updates. Tickets purchased online can receive a full refund in the event of cancelation OR will be valid any date during our 2023 season. 

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